Phoenix The Sculptures of Terrence J Bunce

“Phoenix The Sculptures of Terrence J Bunce” was one of two films that I made especially for the Phoenix exhibition at Oxheys Mill Studios in September 2014. The exhibition featured Terrence’s ceramic art/sculptures as well as some of his paintings. My other film in the exhibition “Genesis” was a documentary showing Terrence at work on some of the pieces in the exhibition, thus allowing the exhibition visitor the chance to see first-hand how he goes about his practice.

The film “Phoenix The Sculptures of Terrence J Bunce” aimed to incorporate Terrence’s work into the environment that inspired him with the pieces-the Industrial Revolution and to give the pieces a new life outside of the traditional viewing of them in a gallery space. Although some of the locations had fallen into disrepair we still tried to find traces of the past if possible. Although limiting ourselves in choices of locations I was still able to get a wide visual scope for the film. Another challenge I faced was how to make something as inanimate as a sculpture cinematic? Through a combination of camera movement, framing, utilizing the colours and textures of each piece and where possible the movement of the natural environment I was able to create a unique cinematic experience and let the exhibition visitors have a chance to see the works in a different environment/context.

You can watch the film here:

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