About us

Noetic Pictures is a film and video production company founded and run by David N Pilling who has made over 100 films. His feature length films include “Remember, Remember” a “City Symphony” film of Preston, Lancashire and his 2018 film of the “Celebr8” event celebrating Indian culture. His music videos “Freedom” and “Don’t Go Any Nearer” have been screened at the London Independent Film Festival and the short experimental horror film “Eve” was screened at the Backseat Film Festival in Pittsburgh and made two films for the “Phoenix” exhibition that was held at Oxhey Mills Studio in Preston. Other short films he has made include films of the Health Mela that is held at UCLAN and the Standing Together Against Racism (STAR) Festival in Preston as well as films of the Winter Gardens in Morecambe and Queen Street Mill in Burnley which was the last working steam powered mill in the world.

The film maker Luis Arambilet described the films of David N Pilling as: “Your artistic intention emphasize pure aesthetics and the compelling and subtle images borders the subliminal messages with a very modern twist.”

David N Pilling IMDB page: www.imdb.com/name/nm3343734